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Podcasting like a boss

Salutations, Signal Staddicts!

Friend of the band, Nick Gilchrist has just released the first episode of his brand new podcast Music 43 with Nick and Andy, and it is pretty killer! The podcast showcases Vancouver Island artists, venues, producers, etc, and aims to be a pretty sweet resource for people looking to make their mark on the Vancouver Island music scene as well as as fun listen for everybody else.

It also just so happens that the very first featured artist on the podcast is your very own favourite signal and/or static themed band! We had a blast recording a couple of live-off-the-floor songs as well as being interviewed in Nick's not-at-all-creepy mobile interview-studio / mini-van, all of which you can hear exclusively on the podcast.

Music 43 with Nick and Andy lives here -

You can also catch the podcast on Spotify and will be up on many other streaming services in the near future.


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