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We're a real band, now!

Signal Static rocking the fuck out!

Rocking, and sweating, our balls off.

That's right, ladies and germs - Signal Static is now a bona fide live playing band! These pipes, you might say, are clean.

It was hot as hell (perhaps literally) inside the Victoria Event Centre, where we made our live debut alongside some old friends in Secondhand Habit, celebrating the release of their new EP, as well as some new friends in Sonderous and Lawn Social. I mean, really hot. I'm not going to lie, we were sweating our balls off.

Of course, anyone who has played a show at the VEC will recognize the simultaneously thrilling and terrifying experience of moving gear into the venue using the world's first elevator, but even the specter of falling endlessly into the very bowels of hell is preferable to humping all of your shit up the world's most dangerous staircase. Thankfully, we all survived!

Death Trap for Cutie

I only smacked my head on the elevator gate one time, which was okay.

Despite the heat, and the sketchy transportation, it was an awesome night, and we had an absolute blast playing for an audience who was extremely enthusiastic, much to our delight. You never know how a band's first show is going to go; there are so many new sights, sounds.. smells. It's like taking a puppy out on it's very first walk in the dog park.

The first verse of our first song still had the vestiges of a few last minute nerves clinging to it, but once that was past, and we got into our groove, we kept it for the rest of the set. We played most of the songs around 20% faster than normal, but that's just the adrenaline talking. Fortunately, we all knew what we were there to do, and we did it. And it felt good.

Hell, we even made a few bucks on the deal, and that is, sadly, a pretty rare thing for a local band around here.

For everyone who came out to see us, we love you, and we hope to see you at another show real soon. To the other bands who played that night - thanks for making our first outing a good time and a great success!

Ciao for now!

--Ryan & Signal Static

PS: Don't forget to check out our new YouTube channel for videos of our set. The sound is so-so, but you'll get the idea!

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