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Start Transmission

Friends, fans - Signal Staddicts! We could not be more stoked to announce that our debut album, 'Start Transmission', is finally ready. It feels like we've been working on this record for the past five years, and in a very real sense, we have. We would like to have launched this album with more of a splash, but this pandemic has really put a damper on the splashing. Physical copies are coming, and we'll be looking to do a more "official" release when they get here. For now, you can find the album in a few different places: - Right here on the Signal Static website - Signal Static on Bandcamp - All your favourite streaming services (Coming soon) The songs on this album are a testament to the collective creative output of all four members of Signal Static during this initial chapter in the band's existence, and we are extremely proud of what we have made. We trust and hope that you will enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it. Speaking of chapters, we have officially entered a new one as a band. As you may have heard, Connor Smith, our lead singer and great friend, has decided to move on from Signal Static to pursue other musical endeavours, and it would be difficult to adequately express our appreciation and gratitude for the job he has done as your front man and singer over the past several years. His work on 'Start Transmission' speaks for itself. Ryan, Gino, and Randy are already well underway writing the songs that will represent the next chapter of Signal Static, and we look forward to unveiling them when the time comes. But that is a story for another day; today is for 'Start Transmission'. We hope you enjoy this thing we've made, and don't hesitate to share it liberally with all your friends! --Signal Static

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