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Objects of Affection is out!

It's November 25th, and our new song 'Objects of Affection' has officially dropped on you all!

We're so proud of this track, and excited to officially re-enter the music world after two and a half years squirrelled away in our zombie-proof music bunker re-imagining Signal Static!

We have a bunch of cool shit happening as part of release day, and we hope you'll join us in the experience!

-> 'Objects of Affection' will be dropping on Spotify, Apple Music, and all of your favourite streaming services! Steam it and/ or buy it now:

-> Go check out the exclusive premiere of the 'Objects of Affection' video with award-winning music magazine Stereo Stickman! This is going to be fire, guaranteed!

-> Our good friends at Local Band Smokeout are dropping an awesome reaction video this morning at 9am PST, and you will not want to miss that! Check it out here!

-> Watch our special live performance video of 'Objects of Affection' recorded live at Edgetone Studios!

-> And we'll have some new and cool press and interviews coming out that should be fun - more to come on that!

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