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Announcing our new face of bass..

Updated: Aug 10

Hello, friends, family, and Signal Staddicts!

Signal Static is super excited to announce the addition of the venerable Nick Gilchrist who has joined forces with the band to take over the (extremely vital, if I do say so myself) position of bassist, while our longstanding bassist, Ryan Stringer, transitions to the role of lead singer and front-man.

A little background, from Ryan:

A lot of things changed in the year 2020, and Signal Static was no exception to that. At the beginning of that year we released our debut album, 'Start Transmission', hot on the heels of Covid restrictions and lockdowns which had just descended upon the world, and our town in specific. One of the changes that resulted (partly) from that was that our lead singer and front-man, Connor Smith, made the decision to leave the band at that time.

With everything going on, the three of us - Ryan (me), Gino, and Randy, decided to head into our underground jam space, The Bunker, for the long haul, and dream everything up again. As a temporary stop-gap, I took over the vocal duties while we re-vamped our approach to songwriting and eventually ended up writing and recording several exciting new songs and starting a whole new direction and era of Signal Static.

After looking for a new singer without success, I eventually realized that I had come to really enjoy that part of making and performing our songs, and I really began to get excited about the idea of doing the job on a permanent basis. Unfortunately, I'm terrible at singing and playing bass at the same time, so the difficult decision was made to find someone who could take over the bass from me.

Needless to say, this was not easy. It was very important that we find somebody who both understood our music and also the important role that the bass plays in our sound and creative process. Also, whoever joined us absolutely could not be a jerkass. That part was mandatory. The very first person I thought of was Nick.

As sad as it is to put down an instrument that I've been working on getting (marginally) good at for the past 27 years and change, I'm really looking forward to experiencing the next era of Signal Static, and I hope to see you all at a show sometime soon!


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