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Show Wrap-Up: Logan's Pub, Or The One Where All of the things Broke

This was the best image I could find on Google

Well, this was an interesting show, I'll give it that. Almost as soon as we got to the venue, there was an air of "Let's see how many things can go wrong today!" And go wrong, they did.

The fun actually began a week or so before the show, when Gino's guitar amplifier randomly shuffled off this mortal coil at one of our last rehearsal's before the show. He plugged in the transformer (it's a German amp), there was a flash of light, and it was a whole thing.

At the next rehearsal, one of my Schaller strap locks just randomly broke right off. I have been using Schaller strap locks for decades, and I have never in my life seen one of those things break. Like, never. Thankfully, I've got like five spare sets at home because I've never, ever had to replace one before.

Fast-forward to show-day. As we are loading into Logan's, Randy discovers that his kick-drum pedal is flaccid thanks to a cotter pin which has randomly sheared in half. After attempting a ghetto repair using a coat hanger, he made last minute dash for a nearby Canadian Tire for a new pin, which was successful in narrowly averting an outright disaster.

Chasing Phantoms opened the show, and apparently they must have already sold their souls to Cthulhu, or some other Eldridge god-monster, and their set went off without a hitch, well, aside from one broken guitar string, but I'm thinking they did that on purpose to throw us off their trail.

We were up next. Everything seemed fine for the first few songs, and then it happened. Connor's microphone cut out. Then it cut back in, and then back out. And this describes what was going on for the next several songs. Our stalwart sound engineer first swapped out the cable and then the microphone itself before things were finally (mostly) working.

At this point, we were a little bit rattled, but we pressed on, thinking that the gods had set out to destroy us, or some such.

Unfortunately, there are no photos (as of the time of this posting) of the show, mainly because, as relayed by both my darling wife and my mom (thanks for coming to all our shows!), the crowd at this show were freaking insane, and awesome. They were moshing and dancing all over the place to the point where both my wife and mom were pretty much powerless to get anywhere near the stage with a camera.

Seriously, and this is the silver lining to the entire comedy of errors, the crowd was super awesome, and we didn't realize until we reviewed the video how much fun everybody was having, but it was really awesome to see. Thanks to everybody who came to the show and made a potentially stressful occasion so much fun!

You can check out some videos of the show on our YouTube Channel, or the Media page on this here website.

As a post-script, let me also mention that the curse did not end with us. Sadly, our buddies in Sonderous actually had it much worse than we did, but still managed to rock up the joint despite only getting to play a handful of songs. Thanks guys, also sorry about the curse!

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