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Come and be counted among the Damned at Logan's Tavern!

It's Halloween! And that has nothing at all to do with this post. BUT, we do have some good news about great things coming up in the next little while!

For example, as the poster indicates, Signal Static will be playing a show with our friends in Sonderous and Lost Octave at one of my personal favourite venues in this city, the incomparable Logan's Pub (affectionately referred to as 'The Tavern of the Damned') on November 18th at 9PM.

Cover / Tickets are on sale for $10, and we would love to see a full house, obviously.

We have also been working on a few new songs, a couple of which will be premiering at this show. We are super duper excited for somebody (anybody) to hear these tracks outside of the four of us, and of course no songs involving amnesia nor gay frog conspiracies would be complete without an audience to appreciate them.

Hit us up for tickets, or details, or just friendly conversations about how cool we are and how we are destined to become famous rock stars and how you would like to give us money. We never tire of connecting with our fans!

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