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What do you get when you put four rock gods in a Blender?

A pretty cool photo, apparently.

The answer, of course, is Signal Static a couple of nights ago at Lucky Bar.

For our second live performance, we had a ton of fun playing Lucky Bar's September Blender Night, which, as the name suggests, is a big ol' blend of different styles and genres, all coming together for one glorious night of music, dancing, and heavy drinking.

We were, by far, the heaviest act in the rotation on Wednesday night, and we were quite happily surprised to see lots of great people tapping along with us, despite being the first act of the night. What began as a crowd that was curious when we launched into our first song quickly became a solid block of enthusiastic listeners forming a funny horseshoe shape a few feet away from the stage (apparently we were quite loud, and that became the optimal listening position on the floor).

Paralyzed (We weren't).

It was most definitely one of the funniest juxtapositions of my musical career, getting offstage after playing a loud set of aggressive punk rock music and coming back out to the dulcet tones of plinky keys and a trombone playing laid back jazzy jams (and doing so very well, I might add). But, this is the genius of Lucky Bar's Blender Nights, which recently celebrated eight years and counting.

With a strict 30 minute set time, we couldn't help but feel a rush of adrenaline as we powered through eight songs with what I can only describe as something akin to the forward momentum of the Space Shuttle, and naturally we were at least twice as impressive.

The money shot!

In all seriousness, though, for only being our second live show, it went amazingly smoothly, thanks in no small part to Lucky Bar's expert sound mixologist, Darcy, as well as the Blender Night's wonderful organizer Derry, and just a generally fantastic bar staff and audience.

Thanks Lucky Bar for a great night - we'll be back soon!


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