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It's been awhile..

..Not that anybody is reading this, at least not yet.

A lot of stuff has been happening in our underground lair, most of it musical. After an exhaustive search on Craigslist and various local websites, we found our singer, a strapping young lad named Connor Smith, whose youthful optimism makes the rest of us feel a strange combination of mild decrepitude and invigoration.

Pictured: Youthful optimism

In conjunction with Connor's arrival on the scene, we have been putting a lot work into getting the Bunker setup for recording with the aim of putting out some high-quality demos in the near future.

Randy looking uncharacteristically enthusiastic while performing mundane setup tasks.

In the background, Randy and Gino perform actual work while Ryan is on selfie duty.

To that end, you can currently hear a couple of our current test-mixes, complete with Connor ripping it up on vocals in our music player!

Next up, we will be working hard on rehearsing the shit out of our live set in preparation for our public debut (Venue, date, and other bands TBD. Hit us up!) and gearing up to produce some sweet-ass proper demo tracks. Stay tuned!

Ryan out.

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