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Looking for Signals in the Static

After close to a year, this little band of musical geniuses has finally decided upon a band name, and now we have a website!

As you may have gleaned from the website, and other pertinent evidence, we shall henceforth be known as Signal Static. We think it's a pretty good name, but if you don't agree, you are invited to keep it to yourself because it took us a long damn time to agree on the name.

For anyone who doesn't know (and that may be many), Signal Static is currently comprised of three extraordinarily talented (and handsome) individuals:

Gino Klein - Gino primarily plays guitar and adds vocals when he feels like it. He also writes a lot of pretty sweet guitar riffs and introspective lyrical content, and he is a bit of a musical perfectionist. In addition to his massive musical contributions, Gino also likes to bring beer to band practices, and has even managed to find a number of beers that Ryan will drink.

Ryan Stringer - Ryan's duties including dropping the bass (not literally) and singing whenever his bassing/singing skills allow. He also tends to come up with some of the dancier songs in the Signal Static catalog, including a lot of lyrics about religion, politics, and other matters of broad import. Ryan also has a sexy wife and no kids, and this makes him a generally affable sort.

Randy Camponi - Randy hits drums with sticks in a manner which Ryan once described as 'monstrous'. Most would agree that Randy is the most objectively physically impressive member of the band, and rumour has it that he once drummed so hard that he broke a hip. Witnesses might claim that he did this during an impromptu game of hockey, which only goes to show that, despite an Italian last name, he is 100% Canadian.

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