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© 2019 by Signal Static.


The Basics


Hometown:  Victoria, BC, Canada

Styles:  Rock, Alternative, Metal, Prog

Years Active:  2015- Present

Label:  Open to offers!




Gino Klein - Guitars, Vocals, Sweet riffs, Craft beers.

Ryan Stringer - Bass, Vocals, Fuzzy grooves, Erudite wordsmithing.

Randy Camponi - Drums, Sick beats, Physical prowess.

Connor Smith  - Vocals, Guitar, Youthful optimism.

Short Bio

Signal Static is a labour of love produced by four dapper gentlemen in old-timey bowler hats doing what they can to make the world a better place one song at a time.


That description may not be 100% accurate, but the truth is that this band is the work of four guys with different perspectives who share a love of music, a respect for humanity, and a passion for peeling back the curtain.  It also helps that they actually like each other.

​Signal Static's sound is a confluence of many different styles and influences, starting with a foundation of heavy alternative, progressive rock, punk, and metal along with elements of industrial, New-Wave and EDM.

​Signal Static's songs express equal parts personal introspection and social commentary, exploring the minds of villainous characters (both real and imagined), and delving into painful experiences, as well as inhabiting the joy of good times.

Whatever the topic, Signal Static emphasizes honesty and openness, both musically and lyrically.